Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

I am a huge fan of all the Fantastic Beasts Movies and this is no exception.  As great as Johnny Depp is and I am sad he was let go, Mads fills the part and then some.  He is PERFECT as Grindelwald and gives an underlying vulnerability in some moments to his performance and the complex relationship between him and Dumbledore which is explored so beautifully.  The opening scene made me gasp because it was raw and honest.

Although this relationship is the heart of this film in particular, as always all the other characters shine, Newt, charming and kind and awkward as ever, all the new beasts are stunning (and ripped my heart into pieces) Jacob, Queenie, a wonderful cameo from a loved character near the end, Theseus, Yusuf, Lalie I love everyone and that's the strength of these films and stories imo because I care and am invested in each of them and they weave these different characters and stories so beautifully and organically.

There is a lot of action and humor and emotional moments and it is note perfect how it unfolds.  It is my favourite film in the franchise so far because of the depth and weight it holds, there's so much to take in and so much that can transport and move you if only you open your heart and soul to it which I did.

Newt's niffler and Pickett were adorable and funny and sweet as ever! Keep a close eye on them in scenes because they are always doing something funny!

People have written better reviews than me and I find it hard to express what Fantastic Beasts means to me because it really has touched me so much and I think it's a very brave, emotional and powerful installment and I am sure that every Fantastic Beasts fan will be just as moved and entertained as I was. It was truly magical and being the first film I have seen in theatres since the pandemic made it even more special because it is wonderful escapism whilst also being grounded in relatable and complicated human emotions.  

I went on a rollercoaster of emotions and enjoyed every second and I only hope that the cast and crew and everyone involved knows that there are fans and people who love these films and appreciate everything and although this almost felt like if it had to end with this one it could, I would love to see a fourth installment, it has much more life and story to tell.

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